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Core Investment Fund

Minto Capital is currently seeking investors for Minto Real Estate Partners III, LP ("Fund III"), a core open-ended fund targeting high quality, multi-residential assets and ancillary retail across Canada's major cities.

Intended for longer term institutional investors, and seeded with an $800+ million (as of December 31st 2016) portfolio of high quality assets currently owned by The Minto Group, Fund III will contain customary liquidity provisions with a targeted annual return of 7% to 10%. The Minto Group will also commit $75 million to ensure a strong alignment of interests with our investment partners.

Building: Roehampton

For more information on Fund III, please contact our placement agents:

BMO Capital Markets Real Estate Inc.
1 First Canadian Place, 5th Floor, P.O. Box 150
Toronto, Ontario M5X 1H3

Tony Reale
Managing Director
(416) 359-5696

Walid Cheaib
(416) 359-8310

Kevin Schledewitz
(416) 359-5662

Michael Brodie
Vice President
(416) 359-5986